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This is the best thing about blogging that everyone wants at the least possible time: When will I make money ? Yes, that is the most asked question. And, that is what I will answer today.

Now, to be as simple and precise as possible, you won't start making money until your blog is around 6 to 8 months. That is the time when you should start advertisements or affiliate links. Do anything before that, and it is of no use.


Well, you can make money before your blog is 6 months old, but the amount earned will be very less. Here is the reason:-
  • Your blog is new. Until you have a blog which is credited as an authority in your niche, people won't believe you and the things you say.
Yes, this is the whole reason. It takes at least 6 to 8 months for your blog to be identified as an authority in whichever niche you are in.

However, if you do some amazing things like you make awesome content, get a lot of search traffic, get a lot of social media shares, you might get to the advertising stage a little bit earlier.

And, only after 6 months, you will become an authority, and advertisers as well as your audience will start believing you.

So, remember guys, it takes at least 6 months before you can start making money from your blog. But, until then, keep on writing awesome content.

So, what are your thoughts ? Tell me in the comments.

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Now, we're on youtube

Hello, one and all. Good news, now we're on youtube. There, I'll try to post blogger videos, as well as of web-design. So, stay tuned for more !!
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Choosing the best platform to blog

We all come to that dilemma, that difficult point, where all your blogging career is at stake. You have to choose which blogging platform you have to use.

Really, the toughest choice in the world. One wrong decision and could ruin all your future. You must definitely choose the right platform or go home.

Yes, there are loads of options to choose from, some free while others paid. Well, today I'm going to review all of those for you so you can decide which on is the best.

  • Blogger.com

So, you must have heard of blogger.com . If you haven't, I don't know in which world are you living in. According to Alexa, blogspot.com is the 12th most visited site in the world.

Blogger.com is good for beginner bloggers. This very blog is also hosted on blogger. This is primarily because I didn't wanted to pour much of my effort and time into this. But, we'll see what turns out.

  •  Wordpress.com

Yet another free hosted solution. The only caveat here is that there is very less flexibility over at wordpress.com rather than at blogger.

If you think that you'll need more features in the long run, go for blogger.com. Wordpress.com is only for hobby bloggers. Although, they do have their own advertising platform, in the reviews people hate it.

  • Wordpress.org

You have the full control when you self-host wordpress on your own web server. This is the best way to go if you are able to spend a little money on yourself. You have full control.

You can run ads install as many plugins as you like and also there is a huge community to support you.


For this blog, it is blogger.com. If you want more control and ability for a lot of customization, I recommend wordpress.org. Full control and full power

So, this was my review of the top 3 blogging platforms. What do you think of the review ? Is there any service you like ? tell me in the comments below.
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Changing the topic

We are proud to announce that we are now the WDA Blogger(s) guide. Here, we will publish Blogger news, views and tutorials, as well as blogging tips & tricks. Stay tuned for more posts. Also, the old post about Samsung Galaxy S4 will remain for archiving purposes.
Cheers !!
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What's happening ?

Well, to be honest, not much here at WDA Tech column. Yes I recently changed it's name. This was done primarily because I like the name, Tech Column. However, content is on it's way. Name change doesn't mean content change for sure. Stay tuned for more
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Welcome the WDA Forums!

Hello there, everybody. We are very pleased to announce the release of WDA Forums. The forums are a home to your doubts, questions, thoughts, etc. Feel free to join us and post anything related to web-design and technology. Cheers to an awesome community!
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About Galaxy s4

The future phone from samsung. Yes, it's the Samsung galaxy S4. This is a lightning fast phone with quadcore 2.4 ghz processor.
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